EXZIE – The Most Important Hour

EXZIE – TheMostImportantHour

In the face of business challenges and economic recession that have dragged hundreds and thousands of small, medium and micro businesses to an early finish, one can only think of a platform that put to heart the need of growing enterprises in this competitive market, providing them with lasting solutions that allow them to thrive effortlessly.

Small and medium scale enterprises take the largest divide in every economic sector, yet a little attention is what is given to it, making it difficult for these business owners to find their place although the market is big enough to accommodate all and sundry.

Business solution providers can’t fold their hands forever and this is what birthed the most talked about business hub and cryptocurrency from Africa, EXZIE.

In his quest to help SMEs find their footing in the commercial market, whilst giving business/economic advice to already established companies as well, founder of Exzie, Dipo Adagbada came up with the idea of this digital solution platform which has, ipso facto, become a big hub for company owners.

In his words, “With every single day that passes and every hour in it, not less than five hundred thousand (500, 000) businesses close down globally with small and medium scale entrepreneurs as the worst hit.

Other companies with employees and revenues also get affected, according to the research we carried out. CEOs often times find it difficult to access loans from traditional banks as and when due, to help them sustain their businesses in times of trails like recession or other unforeseen circumstances that pose a threat to their companies’ existence.

We can’t continue to lose viable businesses. We can’t continue to kill the hopes of growing entrepreneurs. Someone has to rise up to these confrontations that have posed a big threat to our economy and we are glad to be taking up this responsibility, not only for Africa, but for the world at large.”

Exzie Business Hub is a digital hub for businesses; hosting these businesses in a bid to reduce their cost of operation and enhance their performance, providing them with holistic managerial toolsets, using the latest financial technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence amongst others.

Exzie puts a lasting end to the challenges Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises face in the cause of doing business, by creating solutions for each of the challenges, using latest of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics and Blockchain and providing these solutions on a single platform at very affordable fees monthly or annually.


May 31st, 2019, Exzie ended the presale of its digital currency known as EXZ, giving room for investors to own sizeable amounts of its coin. Also, the EXZ web (www.exzie.io) was opened to company owners for business listing, giving room for hundreds of small and medium scale enterprises to interact, trade, send business emails and increase their online visibility.

This was a major stride for Exzie and since the end of its presale the Exzie team has been putting effort together for the digital coin Main Sale which will be available for only ONE HOUR – #THEMOSTIMPORTANTHOUR

The choice of just an hour sale is solely to control the massive crowd of investors who are already eagerly anticipating the sale of EXZ. Exzie started the pre-sale of EXZ in February and ended it in May, giving only citizens of developing nations the opportunity of buying during that period. The main sale for Exzie is scheduled for June 22 at 19:00 GMT+3 (UAE Time).

Two million EXZs were developed using the Etherium ERC20 algorithm and are currently being offered for sale at $1 each.

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