Biography of Kola Ajeyemi: Five fact you don’t know about Toyin Abraham and her husband, Kola Ajeyemi: Biography, Age difference and more

It is no more new that Toyin Abraham has found love again and not just that, the union which is with industry colleague Kola Ajeyemi, has produced a ‘bouncing’ baby boy. However, what most people do not know is the biography of Toyin Abraham’s husband, their net-worth, the age difference between the duo, Kola’s daughter which he had in his former marriage and many more.

If these, amongst others, have been the questions on your mind then this post is definitely what you need to read. Sit back and enjoy these five fun facts you most likely didn’t know about the lovebirds:

1. Biography of Kola Ajeyemi: Since the news of their engagement broke, the internet has been in a frenzy and everyone has been digging deep to know more about the lucky man with whom Toyin Abraham is engaged.

Kolawole Ajeyemi is an actor, director, producer and a model who was born January 17th in the mid-’80s. He is originally from Ogbomoso, a popular town in Oyo state, but grew up and lives in Lagos, Nigeria. Kolawole Ajeyemi is the founder of Aje Omo Aje School of Performing Arts; a dramatic art school that grooms upcoming actors who aspire to join the bigwigs of Nollywood.

Kolawole Ajeyemi’s acting career dates back to 1997 when he was under the tutelage and mentorship of Segun Ogungbe. He has since become a notable face in the Yoruba arm of Nollywood with dozens of movies under his belt.

2. Who is older between Toyin Abraham and her husband? : One of the frequently asked questions on the lips of many Nigerians is who is older between Toyin Abraham and her husband, Kola Ajeyemi.

While the age gap between husband and wife is never a problem with westerners, it is unarguable one of the most raised topics in Africa when discussions come to marriage. Little wonder why everyone has been wondering if Toyin Abraham is actually older than her husband.

Anyways, although the actual date-of-birth of Kolawole is still unknown, what we know is that Toyin Abraham was born on September 5, 1984. One thing that is also certain, however, is that Kolawole Ajeyemi is also in his 30s. Shikena! Next🙄.

3. Kolawole Ajeyemi already has a daughter before marrying Toyin Abraham: Yes, you heard that correctly. ‘Awilo’, as he is fondly called by his colleagues, has a 14-year old daughter called Temitope from his first marriage. His marriage with Toyin has also been blessed with a boy.

4. Both Toyin Abraham and Kola Ajeyemi have had failed marriages: A wise man once said failure is proof that you are attempting something great. Toyin and Kola have both had their fair share of broken marriages.

Toyin was previously married to actor Nollywood Adeniyi Johnson. The marriage lasted a year and some months before hitting the rock. Her union with Kola Ajeyemi is her second marriage, although she once had a love relationship with movie director Seun Egbegbe.

5. Net-worth of Toyin Kola Ajeyemi: Is that really necessary? Well, since everyone is curious to know owing to the fact that Toyin Abraham is known to be a wealthy actress with many endorsements.

While the actual net-worth of Ajeyemi cannot be ascertained, what we know is that the actor has a clothing line in his name known as Kolawole Clothings. He is a movie director and producers and he cruises a nice ride. Kolawole Ajeyemi is rich enough to be the husband of his wife and father to his son.

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