Biography of Funmi Awelewa aka Morili

As Nigeria’s Nollywood continues to evolve and grow bigger, so are a lot of actors joining the industry to showcase their various acting skills.

Male and female, Nollywood today takes pride in the countless screen-stars who have risen to stardom and others still carving a niche for themselves.

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Among Nollywood newbies whose talent is gradually becoming a wildfire is the beautiful actress and movie producer, Funmi Awelewa.

Funmi Awelewa was born in Iwo, Osun State. She attended the University of Ibadan where she studied Library Archival and Information Studies.

Funmi, a model and fashion designer, entered Nollywood in the year 2013 through the assistance of Sola Kosoko but not so much who known of her yet at this time. She became a ‘face’ with the first movie which she produced in 2016 titled Aromimawe, where she played a  lead role with the name Morili, a sobriquet she is now popularly known as.


Since she came to limelight, Funmi Awelewa has featured quite a lot of interesting movies among which are:


Wosi Kenke


Ebu Ika

Aderopo Ijogbon




Morili Bilisi 1 & 2,

Ayetoro Town

A Woman’s wrath

Efuufun which is her latest

 amongst others.




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